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Tree Rubbing Packs

Sheffield is one of the greenest cities on planet Earth, with so many trees that it feels like living in a forest. But just trotting out the statistics – 2 million trees, four per person – doesn’t really do it justice, and actually makes Sheffield sound like green-dale. How to get people to understand what this statistic feels like, what it means?

Enter our Tree Rubbing Packs. The packs give people a way to make their own DIY publicity poster about the trees, through the medium of wax crayon rubbings. Simply approach any leafy area, choose your favourite four trees out of the two million, and get rubbing.

The Tree Rubbing Packs were created for the Site Gallery in Sheffield, as part of their DIY summer in 2011. We ran a series of workshops with Site Gallery, engaging a huge variety of people: from 5 year olds with their parents, through to groups of teenagers, and even some artists.

In partnership with and designed by Jon Cannon
Photos by Gemma Thorpe.