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Multi-Story Factory

New England House is a publicly-owned, multi-storey factory in the middle of Brighton. Built in the 1960s, today it’s home to an incredibly diverse community of people and businesses: art-restorers to architects, bakers to blind-makers, software developers to wind-turbine testers. It’s light, flexible, and rough around the edges. It’s the perfect place in Brighton to start a new idea.

Unfortunately, no-one in Brighton knows this, least of all the building's tenants. So we came up with a project to tell a series of new stories about New England House, through pasting billboards on the walls of the building itself.

I edited and wrote the billboards. The best one was Level 3: a brief introduction to the people inside, in the form of a poem. Level 1 (Is New England House Ugly?) is a good read too.

A Spacemakers project, directed by Matt Weston, designed by Andy Felton and Emily Macauley. More info here.